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The Wheel of Bitcoin 2.0 is still in Beta and not all features are working properly. We are aware of this and are working diligently to flesh out all the bugs and improve the site in every way possible. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about Version 2.0, please use the button below to leave us feedback!

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Rudi Marta Pria5.00Satoshi for becoming a member
Wheel of Bitcoin3.00paid instantly to 1KKcD9A1Ez1kAEGRn7xpPb69VGNicLhH3R via Faucet Hub for completing test
User Missing (ID: 0)3.00Paid to account for for completing test
User Missing (ID: 0)3.00Paid to account for for completing test name
JustinKlarHE JustinKlarHE5.00Satoshi for becoming a member
Jaydoe5.00Satoshi for store referral
Jaydoe5.00Satoshi for store referral
Wheel of Bitcoin5.00Satoshi for store referral
Jaydoe-5.00Satoshi refund for rejected sale
Jaydoe-5.00Satoshi refund for rejected sale

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