Introducing The Wheel of Bitcoin Version 2.0 Beta!

Introducing The Wheel of Bitcoin Version 2.0 Beta!
February 1, 2019 Wheel of Bitcoin

It’s official! We’re proud to announce the official launch of The Wheel of Bitcoin V2.0 Beta! We’re currently allowing our loyal members the opportunity to Beta test version 2.0 and provide feedback to ensure we make The Wheel of Bitcoin the best that it can be.

We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up

We are fully aware of the MANY problems that plagued The Wheel of Bitcoin Version 1.0. While the original app was incredible and even revolutionary in many ways, as it was the first bitcoin app to offer unlimited claims with instant payments and no time limit between claims, it also suffered from a variety of issues including security flaws and the inability to consistently pay out all of it’s users on a regular basis. When we first launched The Wheel of Bitcoin, our goal was to create a simple and fun game that removed the typical limits found in most bitcoin faucets, like minimum withdrawals and time limits between claims. While we were successful in creating an app that achieved those goals, we didn’t expect The Wheel of Bitcoin to become as popular as it did, and we were unable to satisfy our massive community in a reliable manner. Security flaws in the original app opened up a pathway for hackers to steal bitcoins and drain our bitcoin wallet, and while we were able to ban users and hackers on a case by case basis, they were extremely determined and we were unable to keep up with them to the point that our wallet was empty more than it was full, and we sincerely apologize to our loyal members for allowing that to happen. But, please know, that these are the reasons we’ve spent the last 6 months working on version 2.0 and we’re so excited to release it today with hopes that we satisfy our our original goals, while also eliminating the security flaws and bugs that affected everyone, but most importantly our loyal members who loved us and relied on us for earning bitcoin every day. We are so grateful for all of you, and sincerely hope that version 2.0 not only meets your expectations, but exceed them in every way.

Version 2.0 is in Beta

Please keep in mind, that The Wheel of Bitcoin version 2.0 is currently in Beta testing and we’re excited to open it up to the public. With that in mind, we do expect some minor issues and we’ve created a feedback page where users can share with us their thoughts, suggestions, and any problems they’ve encountered. More than anything, we want version 2.0 to be everything we hoped version 1.0 would be, but we need your help to make that a reality. So, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form and let us know what we can do to make it better.

What can be expected in the future?

We’re working very hard to not only make The Wheel of Bitcoin more secure but also more fun! Currently, our number one priority is security because if we can protect the app from hackers and thieves, we can guarantee our wallet will always be full, and everyone will get paid every time they win after spinning the wheel. If we can do that, we will consider this a success. But, we also want to make The Wheel of Bitcoin more fun and more interactive. We plan to create a variety of bitcoin wheels for every kind of player. For instance, we will have a wheel that guarantees a win on every spin! We will have a high stakes wheel with higher prizes but lower odds of winning. We may even create wheels with other cryptocurrencies like litecoin, ethereum, monero, dash, and dogecoin. And finally, we hope to offer a variety of additional prizes outside the scope of cryptocurrencies, such as contest entries, lottery tickets, and more! For now, we only offer one wheel during Beta testing so that we can work through any unforeseen issues and ensure the app is secure and without any serious issues. If you’d like to Beta test The Wheel of Bitcoin V2.0, simply click on the button below, enter your email address and bitcoin address (must be connected to a FaucetHub account), and spin the wheel. You may spin the wheel as often as you like, but during Beta testing, payouts are minimal to ensure any unforeseen security issues don’t cripple us from making payouts in the future. If you choose to Beta test, please be kind enough to provide us additional feedback so we can make any necessary improvements before we officially launch. Thank you all so much for your patience while we worked on making Version 2.0 a reality. We sincerely hope you enjoy everything we’ve built and will continue using The Wheel of Bitcoin as your #1 bitcoin earning app!

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