Why A Crypto Casino Is Superior To Real Money Casinos

Why A Crypto Casino Is Superior To Real Money Casinos
October 8, 2019 Wheel of Bitcoin
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Crypto Casinos Superiority

There are plenty of reasons why cryptocurrencies are becoming popular, more so in the gambling industry. Every crypto coin comes with unique characteristics that offer a set of solutions that help improve the system or overcome current issues.

The gaming industry is one sector that continues to push the boundaries with this technology. Every month, numerous crypto gambling site applications are being introduced into the industry. They’re being launched as a means of eradicating malpractices rampant in online gambling. That been said you will still find rogue casinos offering cryptocurrency options such a BTC casino no deposit bonus sign up rewards so always check reviews first before gambling.

Payment Gateways

Currently, the payment systems using fiat currencies are riddled with a multitude of problems that can be resolved by the introduction of crypto. A major issue being that real-money payment options are restricted to a bunch of countries.

Fiat-based rules stop punters from playing in casinos or placing wagers in jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited. Cryptocurrency based platforms don’t come with such restrictions as they are used on decentralized platforms.

No singular individual or entity controls these platforms making it impossible to restrict crypto gambling. Any players willing to place bets can do so without encountering problems making deposits or when receiving payouts.

Costs, Speed, And Simplicity

Traditional online casinos are riddled with complaints concerning the time payments take. Gamers also complain about the invasive procedures used in verifying their identity. Cryptocurrencies perform better than fiat currencies in all different elements, including speed and cost. A majority of gambling platforms that welcome crypto use don’t charge transactional fees. Moreover, payments are granted instantly.

The time and cost-saving measures have seen many punters flock to crypto-based casino platforms. Besides, a majority of crypto casinos and decentralized betting platforms work anonymously, thus not requiring players to give personal details when registering. The only demand that gamers create unique wallet addresses that they use for transactions. Gamblers can gamble from anywhere in the world anonymously even if they’re in countries where gambling is restricted.

The process makes things simpler, faster, and private when compared to traditional gambling platforms.

Blockchain Crypto Games

Developers have successfully created new games that are verified on the blockchain. The technology has also revolutionized the Random Number Generator. Using advanced programming crypto coins are generated and are fully automated through Smart Contracts.

They have been designed to follow set rules. The games produced remain transparent and attract zero running costs. They’re are set in place to lower the house edge to levels that can’t be reached by fiat-based casino platforms.

Provably Fair Gambling

Provably fair gambling is currently exclusive to cryptocurrency gambling. The concept is revolutionary as it makes it impossible for developers, casino operators, as well as players to cheat. The mathematical algorithms used in this platform are open-source and run smoothly without any intermediaries. The platform uses a public ledger to show live transactions further boosting transparency.

The House Edge Concept

Unique characteristics with Smart Contract crypto gambling sites is that they work with ETH, TRON, or EOS crypto coins that enable punters to become part of the house. Algorithms are used to ensure the house charges low to zero house edges but grant players better odds.

Moreover, the gamers that invest in these tokens rake in part of the profits. There are numerous automation possibilities in which coded contracts run on the gambling platforms. The automation can handle dividend end payments without third-parties. Gamblers become instant winners when they purchase crypto tokens on said platforms.

Final Thoughts

Decentralized betting platforms and crypto gambling casinos are relatively new, new problems are expected along the way. However, we shall have room to discover solutions. Whence blockchain tech gets perfected fully, lots of positive implications will be realized. Blockchain gaming platforms offer a lot of superior outcomes for punters in all areas. They also guarantee fairness. With such platforms, rogue operators cannot scam gamblers anymore since Smart Contracts can’t be manipulated.

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